Students' Anti-Bullying Video Noted by Advocacy Group

Not in Our School recognizes school's program.

Watchung Hills Regional High School has been recognized by the advocacy group Not in Our School for having developed an anti-bullying program that promotes a positive school climate and encourages students to be “up-standers” instead of being bystanders.

A short film featuring a classroom discussion guided by Watchung Hills Social Studies teachers Mary Sok and Jamie Lott-Jones on the theme appeared on PBS on Martin Luther King Day (Jan. 16).

Watchung Hills Regional High School, a comprehensive high school of 2100 students from Somerset and Morris Counties, has long had proactive programs and lessons that have challenged students to make a difference by being aware of the “Power of One” in making good choices, in making a difference. On the basis of its successful anti-bullying curriculum, Not in Our School selected Watchung Hills to make a short film to “spark dialog and action about bullying.”

A non-profit video production company, “The Working Group” of Oakland, Calif., came to the classroom of Social Studies teacher’s Mary Sok and Jamie Lott-Jones to film a discussion on the theme of bullying and intolerance. “The Working Group” combines television, Internet and Web resources with outreach and organizing efforts in the areas of workplace issues, race, diversity and the battle against intolerance.” “Not in Our School” and “Not in Our Town,” whose slogan is “Stop Hate Together,” are projects of “The Working Group.”

Social Studies teacher Jamie Lott-Jones serves on a select nationwide panel developing the lesson and discussion from the “Not in Our School” website.

Further evidence that bullying is a matter of nationwide concern is expressed in the fact that a new motion picture, “Bully,” is opening this week—“in a selected theatre near you.” With bullying being put under the microscope and examined everywhere, we hope that the chances are increasing that it may someday be eliminated.


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