Green Brook Businesses Could Add Electronic Signs, if Ordinance OK'd

Residents endorse electronic signs—as long as they don't change too frequently.

Residentsseem to approve of changes to the  discussed two weeks ago by the Township Committee, which were unanimously introduced at Monday's meeting. 

The amendments change article 9 of the township's zoning ordinance to include provisions regarding digital signs.

"We went over this [last meeting]," said Committeeman Kenneth Herrmann. "We are now getting a bunch of digital signs that are popping up all over the area, and we wanted to head it off and kind of control it in some manner."

The committee was originally presented with a suggestion of allowing the signs to change just once a day, but Mayor Jerry Searfoss didn’t quite agree on just a daily change with the signs.

“Once a day is a little strict—I would be open to once an hour,” Mayor Searfoss said. “Businesses are putting in a lot of money, and to just allow them to show two different signs, you might as well just have a sign that doesn’t move."

Upon Mayor Searfoss’s recommendation, Deputy Mayor Patrick Boccio recommended allowing changes at two-hour intervals, which was accepted by the committee.

Speaking with residents after the meeting, some said they felt allowing changes every tow hours might be overly restrictive, while others had safety concerns.

"Why even have a changable sign if it can't change once per minute?" one resident, who requested anonymity, said. "Businesses will be investing in this oppourtunity under the assumption that it will bring growth and increased revenue."

Another resident said the changeable signs might help local businesses, but didn't want to see too much action on the signs. 

"One concern that signs shouldn't change too often is because Rt. 22 has a lot of stop and go traffic—people may get distracted and rear end each other," he said.

The ordinance will be voted on again following a public hearing in July.  


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