'Jerseylicious:' Relationship Fixed, Bras Sold For Charity

The Gatsby Salon holds a breast cancer fundraiser.

At the heart of Sunday's episode of "Jerseylicious" was a "Bra-tastic" fundraising event and the rekindling of a familial friendship.

As the episode began, Gatsby Salon owner, and Bridgewater resident, Gayle Giacomo and manager, and also Bridgewater resident, Christy Pereira, discussed negative press that had been surrounding the business since talk surfaced of a recent offer made to buy the salon.

Whether the news was first released when the show aired nationally or before is unclear [it's also unclear whether people saw the season three finale when Giacomo rejected the offer].

Still, blogger The Salon Guy was still writing negatively about the business.

Pereira suggested they send out a press release to talk about what was happening at the salon, but Giacomo wanted to go one step further.

So, Pereira suggested an opportunity to host a bra party, which she has heard about other businesses doing for breast cancer awareness. Hosts decorate bras and wear them outside their clothing, while also stuffing them with items to auction off, she said.

"We want to put our name back out to the community in a positive way," she said.

Hair stylist, and Montville High School graduate, Olivia Blois Sharpe served as auctioneer at the event that featured the sale of items like salon materials and free cuts, as well as a limousine ride and more.

"I really want to give these people a show," she said. "We have raised a ton of money, and I'm just getting started. I'm like an auctioneer possessed."

In the end, the Gatsby raised $4,000 for the National Breast Cancer Coalition through its Bras for Breast Cancer Event.

And the next morning, the Salon Guy posted a positive review of the event, saying that the Gatsby was officially back.

"We worked really hard to bring the community together, and I think it's really clear that Gatsby's here to stay," Giacomo said after the event.

In addition to this and a focus on makeup artist Gigi Liscio and her boyfriend's trip to couple's therapy, the rest of the episode focused on Anthony Lombardi's quest to open his new salon. With rising costs, and an offer from partner Cathy Giove to give him even more money, Lombardi sought the counseling of a formerly trusted friend—Giacomo.

But after feeling betrayed by Lombardi for stealing away two of her employees in the previous season, Giacomo was not immediately ready to forgive and forget.

"Out of everybody, I thought we had more than a friendship, and it really hurt," she said of the actions recapped in the previous season. "It wasn't done professionally or done right."

"It wasn't done maliciously either," Lombardi countered.

"It felt like it was," Giacomo replied.

But, Giacomo said, she was glad Lombardi actually came to her, and that they had the opportunity to discuss the situation. So, in the end, she listened to his concerns about whether to pay the money and possibly go into debt, or owe more to the Giove's.

"You have to make a decision if you want to cut corners or take the money," she said. "I can't tell you which to do, it's your decision."

Although Lombardi left still conflicted—and did not decide to try and ask favors of friends for plumbing and other services until he had later spoken to his wife—Giacomo was pleased to mend the relationship.

"You don't know how good it makes me feel that you came here," she told him.

"Jerseylicious" airs at 8 p.m. Sundays on Style Network.

ArthurJEastman March 12, 2012 at 11:12 AM
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Gail March 18, 2012 at 04:57 PM
Breast Cancer Event was a very great idea. Bring Gigi back was too. Let's hope that the drama with Tracey doesn't last to long. It doesn't make Tracey a beautiful person! Especially the hate she has inside of her!


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