County Officials Forewarn Against Super Bowl Drinking, Driving

WCBS-880: Law enforcement promises 'show of force' to crack down on drunk drivers.

Somerset County law enforcement officials are warning drivers considering drinking at Super Bowl parties with friends and neighbors on Sunday to think twice and then think again before considering it.

County officials said police promise a ‘show of force’ to crack down on drunk drivers, according to CBSlocal.com report.

“You will likely go to jail if you seriously hurt somebody or, worse yet, kill somebody,” Somerset County prosecutor Jeff Soriano told WCBS 880′s Jim Smith. “Designate a driver or consider using a taxi cab or a car service,” according to the report.

Officials warn the penalties, even for first-time offenders, are meant to act as a deterrent.

“Approaching the $10,000 range, plus the fact that you’re going to be walking,” Soriano said.

In addition, Somerset officials also cautioned Super Bowl party hosts could be held liable if a drunk guest injures on kills someone on the road.

“Make it a point, just like our stadiums do, stop serving alcohol at a certain point in the game,” added Soriano. “Even a single incidence of poor judgment can eliminate a lifetime of opportunity.”

BillBalls February 03, 2013 at 04:22 PM
If they want to keep the drunks off the roads, they should station patrol cars at all the local watering holes. I bet it is very hard it is to sit at the bar and drink too much knowing there are policeman sitting outside waiting for you to come out.
Revolution February 04, 2013 at 06:06 PM
drink responsibly


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