Bromances, Closet Sale Highlight 'Jerseylicious'

Drama continues at The Gatsby Salon.

Sunday was about crushes, bromances and a closet sale as season four of "Jerseylicious" continued and much of the drama happened outside of The Gatsby Salon.

Christy Pereira, Gatsby manager and Bridgewater resident, spent the episode worried that new hairstylist Anthony Tango had a crush on her because he spent the episode asking about her and trying to find out when her husband, Danny, was going to be around.

Pereira did not originally believe Tango actually had a crush on her, but began to get suspicious when he turned up at the mall she was shopping at with her daughter and mother [Gayle Giacomo, Gatsby owner and Bridgewater resident]. But she still tried to brush it off.

"That's his loss obviously, I'm married with a kid," Pereira said.

Pereira later spoke to her husband about the situation, and he opted to come to the salon the next day and speak to Tango about his behavior. And things were not quite as either of them expected.

It turned out that Tango actually wanted to meet Danny Pereira because he had been a fan of his soccer playing when he was younger and playing the game.

Talk about an interesting misunderstanding.

On the oppositie side of the spectrum, hairstylist—and Montville High School graduate—Olivia Blois Sharpe was getting emails from fans asking for fashion advice, so she decided to start a blog to give tips.

And when hairstylist Gigi Liscio noticed how many clothes Sharpe had, she recommended her friend sell some of the clothes to raise some money.

Sharpe agreed, and took it one step further, opting to take photos of people wearing her clothes to include on her blog.

The "Closet Sale"—as Sharpe called it—got underway after Sharpe finally agreed to part with some of her clothes, and many of the other hairstylists at The Gatsby Salon got in on the fun to sell some used items and make a little cash.

"Each outfit is a piece of me, and giving any away is like giving away a finger," Sharpe said as she slowly recalled memories of each of her outfits in her closet.

And of course the drama wouldn't be quite complete without Liscio having "accidentally" invited hairstylist, and Sharpe enemy, Tracy DiMarco to take part in the fun.

"Tracy probably just wants to come to this sale because she copies everything I do," Sharpe retorted.

The closet sale began, and was going along well, until one customer noticed that Sharpe and DiMarco were selling the same pair of boots. A fight ensued as the two argued over who copied who, and who was the better person.

Though normally such a fight between employees might derail a similar event, customers and Gatsby staff simply watched on in horror before the show came back from commercial and the sale continued.

In the end, DiMarco made $1,300, and Sharpe made $1,000—but that's a fight for another day.

The show airs at 8 p.m. Sunday on the Style Network.


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