Boccio, Herrmann Proud of Record on Committee

Letter to the editor

My running mate, Ken Herrmann and I, Pat Boccio are proud of our record of service to Green Brook. We ask for the support of Green Brook’s residents to allow us to continue our over 18-years of combined service to the community.

The following are some of the efforts we supported to help keep Green Brook the great community we both love:

  • We recognized the need and began a strategic planning effort, which when finished, will guide Green Brook for the next 15 years.
  • Revitalization of the Township's Economic Development Committee.
  • Merging of the Planning Board and Zoning Board into a Land Use Board, which has streamlined the review and approval processes while saving attorney costs.
  • Revision the Township's tree ordinance in response to residents input and comments.
  • Creation of the "Central Bark" dog park at the Historic Trust House.
  • Supported grant applications which successfully allocated repair and stabilization work at the historic Mundy Homestead.
  • Streamlined and increased and increased efficiency of snow plowing and leaf & branch pick-up services.
  • Increased recycling opportunities at Town Hall.
  • Sponsored “Shred-It” event for confidential papers deposal at Town Hall.
  • Maintained and expanded shared services with the Board of Education, Somerset County, and surrounding municipalities.
  • Contracted with cell telephone provider for long term lease of township property, deriving annual income from previously underutilized township land.
  • Working to revitalize the business community in town via increased communication and the creation of more business-friendly policies
  • Acting quickly to protect and maintain Township’s affordable housing funds from State seizure.
  • Established local flood commission, engaging and encouraging residents to be involved with flood risk mitigation and solutions.
  • Established recognition program for long term Township volunteers.
  • Actively worked with FEMA to assess storm damage and expedite post-storm relief payments.
  • Created Land Use Review Board to streamline minor planning and zoning reviews.
  • Actively worked with local organizations, such as the Boy Scouts, to encourage them to work on Township projects, which otherwise would have been paid for with taxpayer monies.
  • Organized the Washington Rock Monument 100th year celebration committee.




  1. Hold an annual Township Budgeting Workshop to invite and encourage Green Brook's residents to gain a better understanding of the budgeting process and to make suggestions.
    1. We are already working on savings for the 2013 municipal budget.
  2. We support continued line-by-line review of the Township budget including participation from the public.
  3. Continue and expand shared services.
  4. Invite the Board of Education to annual brainstorming sessions to discuss common goals, plans, and potential budget stabilizing shared services opportunities.
  5. Continued joint efforts with Somerset County and the state of New Jersey.
  6. We supported the gaining of the Middle-Brook Regional Health Commission as a Town Hall tenant.
  7. We are considering modified property reassessment intervals to achieve yearly Township wide reassessments to avoid dips and peaks in tax levies.
  8. We support the leasing of Township properties to commercial and other entities when appropriate.

10.  We support sales of township properties when appropriate, generating revenue and increasing the number of taxable properties.

11.  We support the use of seasonal employees to augment permanent DWP staff when needed.

12.  We support annual efforts to apply for state and county grants which amounted to more than $400,000 in 2012 alone.

13.  We support single stream recycling which is expected to save thousands of dollars per year.

14.  We are in discussions with potential partners to continue to enhance economic development along Route 22 and Washington Avenue.

15.  We support the current review of zoning laws to keep Green Brook competitive with adjoining communities.

Pat Boccio

Ken Herrmann

The writers are members of the Township Committtee and Republican candidates for re-election ot the committee.

P.K. November 08, 2012 at 01:35 PM
And #16. Maybe you could support your residents by aggressively seeking power for us from pseg instead of political grandstanding.


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