Quick Tips: Creating a Fat Burning Circuit Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Tips on making a 10-minute workout that can be done anywhere.

When you begin a diet and exercise program with the goal of losing fat, one workout you should keep in mind is a Fat Burning Circuit Workout. Better yet, even one you can do in the living room.

We all are pressed for time and some days we pass up the gym entirely, but it doesn't need to be this way.  You can get an effective workout in 10 minutes or less, right in the comfort of your home.

It is very possible to get a great workout, at a convenient time, in a convenient place, and get results that you are looking for.

When you only have 10 minutes or so to get in a fat burning workout, here are some quick tips to help you get started with designing that busy day's exercise program.

Start with a Lower Body Bodyweight Exercise:

Examples are Bodyweight Squats, Lunges, Rear Leg Deadlifts, or Good Mornings. When you choose your exercise, you can perform it either for time or reps, such as Squats for one minute before switching exercises or Lunges for 10 reps, each leg, before moving on.

Next, put in Total Body Cardio Exercise:

Examples include Mountain Climbers, Squat Thrusts, Jumping Jacks, or Bodyblasters. Again following the plan from the first exercise, choose either one minute or reps.

After those exercises try a Plyometic Movement:

Some very effective Plyometric exercises are Jump Squats, Lunge Jumps, or Burpees. For a Plyometric movement it is always safe to start by doing the exercise for a total number of Reps.  If you have experience with Jumps you can do them for time, such as one minute.

Don't Forget the "Core":

It's always good to throw an abdominal exercise into your circuit.  You can do either Planks, Sit-Ups, Twists, or Windmills. For the Core exercise try doing the movement for 1 minute before going to the last exercise.

Upper Body: 

The best bet for anyone at home is to do Push-ups. If you have a bar or some device where you can do Pull-ups or Chin-ups, they certainly are excellent exercises that can be done at home.  With the upper body exercises, it's best to go for reps when first starting. Try 10 Push-ups and move on the next time!

So there we have five movements that can be thrown together quickly and completed once in about five minutes. If you're seasoned and/or willing, try this at least three times with one minute rest or less after you completed all five of your chosen exercises. You can also go through the five exercises as fast as possible while trying to get as many rounds done as you can in an alotted timeframe. When trying this, instead of one minute each exercise, go with 10-20 reps.

Everyone has 10 minutes in the day to get in a decent workout. While 10 minutes isn't ideal, for some busy people like mothers or business persons it's just what the doctor ordered. Bodyweight training is a great resource when on a fitness journey and the best thing about it is you can do them whenever or wherever you want!

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