Still Cleaning Up After Sandy

Two weeks after 'Superstorm Sandy," there's still a lot of news to report.

Fourteen days after Sandy blew through the area, causing massive damage and widespread power outages, there's still a lot of cleanup left to be done.

Work crews are continuing to work to get everyone's electric service restored, and all local schools are finally back on normal schedules. But students lost a lot of valuable instruction with the unplanned break, and school officials need to figure out to get the nine or 10 days missed worked into the school calendar.

The discussions will begin Monday, at the Green Brook Board of Education meeting. and will be picked up at Wednesday's Watchung meeting. We'll check in to see what the districts are thinking.

Also, there's been a lot of talk about how to make sure we never have to suffer through this again. But what will work? Cutting trees? Underground wires? We'll check with some experts and share thier ideas for improving New Jersey's fragile electrical system.


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