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Image Project Tests Gatsby Consultants

And a weavologist pushes hairstylist Tracy DiMarco's buttons.

When stylist Tracy DiMarco and owner Gayle Giacomo join a hair weaving class organized by Anthony Roberts Salon owner Anthony Lombardi, the Gatsby Image team is shorthanded for a pending consulting job.

So manager Christy Periera joins Miguel and Olivia Blois Sharpe on the consultation—and Olivia's not too happy about it.

"Now, this image consulting job is me, the guy who nearly took over my job, and the one person in the salon who doesn't do any hair or nails," she says.

The client, Amy, is seeking a change for her online dating posts, hoping to find better matches.

"I'm really excited," Christy said.

But things go awry at the clinet's house, as Christy and Olivia clash over styling choices. In a  sidebar Olivia calls Christy a "stage mother" because of her questions over Olivia's choices.

"We were hired to do a 'make-over,' not a 'make-under'—I don't understand why Christy is trying to do everything so conservatively," Olivia says.

Eventually, they agree on an outfit for the client, and Olivia takes some photos and uploads them.

"I think we did a great job today, Christy said afterwards.

But Olivia tries to suggest to Christy that working on the Gatsby Image might not be "the best match," saying the customers called her after they left and commented on the apparent disagreements. Olivia also said Christy didn't listen to the client.

Christy is chagrined, but when Gayle agrees that she may not be well-suited to the consulting calls, Christy relents. 

"If the clients think (Olivia) can do it, then I'll back out," she says. 

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 Meanwhole, Tracy joins Kathy and the AR staff to help plan a engagement party for Alexa, offering some decorating suggestions that go over well.

But things are rougher at the weave class, where she butts heads with instuctor Fashion. 

"I'm really looking forward to this weaving class because I'm all about improving my skills, but I'm nervous about having Fashion as a teacher," Tracy said.

Tensions increase, with Gayle watching with some amusement, until Tracy finally confronts Fashion, calling her an "evil bitch."

But when Fashion singles out Tracy for some compliments at the end of the class, Tracy ends up apologizing for her behavior.

"The thing is, Tracy, I see a lot of potential in you," Fashion tells her. "So, I had to push you."

Afterwards, Tracy and Olivia get together to compare notes, with Olivia complaining about the consulting job. They realize they work well together, complimenting each other on the jobs.

Trevor Shaffer January 09, 2013 at 10:41 PM
You girls look amazing and Beautiful


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