Thanksgiving Store Closings, Burning Saab Top Local News

School make-up days also among top headlines.

The decision by the Watchung Borough Council to close stores from 10 p.m. to midnight on Thursday puts a crimp in Wal-Mart's big plans for holiday sales, but then as Council President Deb Joren pointed out, local volunteers can enjoy a little more of the holiday.

The story was this week's top story—other top news this week included:

Man Refuses to Leave White Castle as Car Burns

Green Brook police say the driver of the Saab that caught on fire at the White Castle said he'd taken some prescription medications and had a few drinks.

The borough school board wasn't plannign to act on it at Wednesday's meeting, but after discussing it, decided to go ahead and approve the change.

Watchung Mayor Vows Sandy Response 'Assessment Critique'

Watchung Mayor Jerry Mobus sent a letter to the community vowing to review the borough's response to the hurricane to see how to avoid some of the issues that came up during the two weeks the town was without power.

A Green Brook woman told polcie two men approached to discuss doing some roof repairs on her house, but what they really planned was to steal from her.


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