Gatsby Owner Offers Unwelcome Tips on New Salon

Gayle Giacomo tries to offer tips on Anthony Lombardi's new salon.

This week's "Jerseylicious" featured fighting words as Gatsby Salon owner and Bridgewater resident Gayle Giacomo offered some not so friendly words about Anthony Lombardi's new salon during Sunday's episode.

With Lombardi having a small event to promote his new salon, Giacomo attended in an effort to both support her friend and offer advice, she said on the "Jerseylicious" blog on the Style Network's website.

Giacomo said that because she had already been through the process of opening a salon, she thought she could offer some tips.

"I wanted to help my friend," she said in the blog. "The place wasn't in perfect shape, though, so I'm not sure how he'll be able to open quickly. He didn't have a bathroom, and was sending people to 7-11!"

According to Cathy Giove, who is financing the new salon with Roberts and whose son is the new manager, Giacomo attacked them and tried to say her son is not manager material.

Giacomo said in her blog that she wasn't suprised by that turn of events.

"She loves her son and doesn't realize that he can do wrong," she said in the blog. "She's just nasty and went off that night. Not for nothing, but it wasn't all that surprising."

But Giacomo said she is also concerned that Lombardi's new salon is pulling stylists Olivia Blois Sharpe [a former Montville High School graduate] and Tracy DiMarco away from her. Giacomo said she is already concerned because the two are split between the two salons.

And tensions got worse when Sharpe brought a show idea to Lombardi instead of to Giacomo as part of the Gatsy2Go business. Giacomo said in the blog that Sharpe should have at least told her about the event.

"He has no mobile services and his new salon isn't open yet," Giacomo said. "Olivia said she didn't know that it was a big deal, but she works for me. She had to know it was wrong to give the event to Ant."

"Jerseylicious" airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on the Style Network—to catch up on past episodes, check out the "Jerseylicious" topics page on Watchung-Green Brook Patch.


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